Volunteer Position Available

Side Walkers

Camp Cole is seeking a passionate, hard-working individual to serve as

Side Walkers

Camp Cole is a non-profit organization dedicated to building Columbia’s first overnight camp and retreat center for children, teens, and adults living with disabilities, illnesses, and other life challenges. Camp Cole will soon be a place where individuals and groups can come together to connect, share, encourage, and shine.

Side Walkers provide support to the rider throughout their time at the barn. They assist the rider with helmet fit and take them to the arena to meet their horse under the instructor’s guidance. During the lesson, the Side Walker’s job is to provide physical support as instructed and to ensure the safety of the rider at all times while mounted and on the ground. These volunteers walk alongside the horse to help with positioning, riding skills, communicating directions from the instructor when necessary and relaying information to the rider. Şide Walkers are trained in emergency dismount procedures and must demonstrate their ability to perform an emergency dismount.

Individuals must be 14 yrs or older and attend a volunteer training session. Volunteers must keep confidential all personal, social and medical information regarding riders, their families and other volunteers.


Attend side walker training during volunteer orientation and demonstrate the physical capacity & endurance to walk alongside a horse with arm raised to the level of a rider’s knee while at the trot. Side Walkers are trained on the knee hold and the heel hold method which are taught as methods of providing physical support to the rider when necessary as directed by the instructor.