Our Inspiration

Every story has a catalyst, and ours is Cole Sawyer.

Cole’s memory is the inspiration and guiding light leading us on our journey to establish Camp Cole.

Cole lost his battle with cancer in 2004 at the age of 11. His fight with the disease exposed him to a special summer camp experience where he met other children facing serious illnesses. The friendships he made brought normalcy and joy to his life, and for a short while, allowed Cole and his family to connect, share, laugh and cry with other families facing similar challenges.

Years later, that endearing summer camp continued to inspire the Sawyer family, as well as strengthen their bond with close friends, the Fawcetts, who had been volunteering at the camp annually, both in memory of Cole and another childhood friend who also lost her battle to cancer.

Both families are committed to finding a way to provide a larger setting and year-round facility for a growing number of people in need.