Our Camp Partners

Camp Cole provides a safe place with unique experiences for individuals who might not typically be able to attend camp. 

Our Camp Partner Community is the bedrock of the opportunities and services we provide, and together, we are committed to delivering world-class experiences with quality programs and people. 

We believe we’re all in this together and that the more we collaborate, the greater our impact on the deserving individuals and groups we so proudly aim to serve. 

Together, with our Camp Partners, we ensure the needs of every camper are met while on our campus, and we do it with the help of seasoned healthcare professionals who specialize in the various diagnoses. 

A Camp Partner is the best kind of partner to have!

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Our Current Camp Partners

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Population served: Children who are interested in learning more about how to serve their community

Population served: Children who have illnesses, disabilities, and life challenges

Population served: Children who have cancer and their families, as well as families who have lost a loved one to cancer

Population served: Children who have experienced or are currently experiencing homelessness or are from low income families 

Population served: fathers in need of family support and father-friendly services and their children 

Population served: Young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities 

Population served: Girls who have experienced Childhood Sexual Assault 

Population served: Children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Population served: Children who have cancer and their siblings 

Population served: Young males who are from single-parent homes who are building strong, trusting relationships with local mentors

Population served: Children living with neuromuscular diseases