Join the Camp Cole Team as a Volunteer!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our campus and the magic behind every program we provide. The more volunteers willing to help with delivery of programs, activities, meals, special events, and more, the larger the number of deserving people we can serve. 

General Volunteer Opportunities
Front Desk Support (Monday-Thursday), Grounds Beautification, Program Support, Fundraising Support 

Internship Opportunities
If you are interested in applying to be a Camp Cole intern, please email info@campcole.org for more information. 
Counselor/Counselor-in-Training Opportunities
If you are interested in being a Counselor or Counselor-in-Training for Camp Impact, Cole’s Kids Service Camp, Camp STARS, Camp Can Do, Camp Corral, or MDA Camp, please click here to apply. Please note that age requirements vary by camp.