Our Journey

Following Cole’s death in 2004, momentum behind building Camp Cole continued to swell.

Armed with unwavering dedication, Stacy and Scott Sawyer, along with Stacy’s best friend from college, Deans Fawcett, and her husband Peter, worked diligently to finalize plans for Camp Cole when, in 2016, Stacy unexpectedly passed away. Mounting grief became a shared motivator for both families, as well as many of their friends.

In 2016, the Fawcetts purchased and generously donated 30-acres of farmland just outside of Columbia in order to finally begin building the inspirational gathering place they’d all been dreaming of.

Two years later, daughters Kelsey Sawyer and Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz, strengthened their families’ bond even further by personally committing to making building Camp Cole their full-time jobs.

Kelsey & Margaret Deans