Naming Opportunities

Welcome Center
$2 Million

Mission central for camp operations, our Welcome Center is where your Camp Cole journey begins. It is home to office spaces, conference rooms, an Art Shack, two breezeways, and a large activity space known as Comfort Corner.


$1 Million

Home to our Medical Facility & Staff HousingOur Medical Facility is one of the most important settings on the Camp Cole campus. Complete with private exam rooms, a waiting room, a nurse’s station and small pharmacy, this facility insures campers have immediate access to trained and caring medical staff.

Adjacent to the Medical Facility is Staff Housing, which is comprised of 15 rooms that can accommodate up to 60 staff members overnight.


Cozy Café
$1 Million

A fueling station for our day and overnight guests, our Cozy Café features an industrial kitchen designed by Foodservice & Restaurant Supply of Columbia, large pantries, serving lines, a covered porch and seating for 296 guests.



Vital to any organized camp setting, our gym provides ample space for organized sports, exercise, recreation and good, old-fashioned camaraderie. It also features a stage for guest speakers, presentations, and productions, as well as a canteen.


Swimming Pool & Playground

No camp is complete without a swimming pool with cool places to lounge outside on warm summer days and an adjacent playground.


Art Shack

Located inside our Welcome Center, our Art Shack is the perfect place for creative expression. Designed to inspire creativity, it features a large work area, a gallery for finished work, and plenty of storage for necessary


Courage Cabin

A Cozy, comfortable setting, the Courage Cabins will be designed with 2 adjoining cabins that sleep 16 each. Each cabin will have a sitting area, 8 sets of bunk beds, a bathroom and a front porch. The Courage Cabins will accommodate over 190 guests total.

Comfort Corner

Located in the Welcome Center, our largest indoor activity space is dedicated to group gatherings, with a special emphasis on teens. A comfortable setting for games, performances, guest speakers, classes, even musical jam sessions, the Comfort Corner will look and feel teen-friendly.


A timeless gathering spot reminiscent of traditional summer camp, our Amphitheater will serve as our nucleus for groups of all sizes seeking the joy of outdoor gatherings and group sing-a-longs.

Medical Center Lobby

The heart of the medical center, the lobby will be a relaxing space for campers to be while they wait to see the doctor on site. The lobby will have a reception desk, waiting chairs, and be a comfortable space for every camper.



No camp would be complete without a stage for talent shows, speakers, and performances. Located within the Gymnasium, the stage will be a where all Camp Cole campers really shine. The stage will have a ramp so every camper can participate on the stage.



Ideal for taking in the scenery that comprises the Camp Cole campus, our Gazebo provides a backdrop to a large outdoor activity space.


The canteen, located in the Gymnasium,  will serve as Camp Cole’s snack time hub.  Campers, counselors, and staff will utilize the canteen for snacks and treats to keep your energy up in between meal times.  


$50,000 (7 total)

The porches on Camp Cole’s campus provide the perfect resting area and gathering place for campers to spend time in fellowship with one another. Camp Cole encourages all campers to be outdoors as much as possible, so the covered porches, which are attached to the cabins and art shack, provide the perfect place.  Even if a specific health challenge prevents you from using our pool, you can still feel a part of the action from a shady spot under our porches close by.  



The portico serves a safe and inviting place for campers to start their journey at the Welcome Center of Camp Cole.  The portico will allow cars to enter and exit our campus easily. In case of a summer shower, do not fret, the portico will keep all of our campers luggage dry!  


$50,000 (2 Total)

Connecting buildings and people, our courtyards symbolize the common threads linking our guests and groups regardless of circumstance.


$25,000 (12 total)

Strolling across Camp Cole’s 30-acres wouldn’t be complete without a collection of carefully crafted and well-lit pathways.

Patient exam room/nursing station
$25,000 (2 Available)

Located within the Medical Center, the Patient exam room and the nursing station will provide the best care for every camper. The patient exam room will be an isolated place for sick campers. While the nursing station will be equipped with a locked pharmacy, an area with storage, counter space, and desks. These area will allow for Camp Cole campers to receive the highest quality of care.


Staff Housing Rooms
$25,000 (15 total)

The staff housing rooms can accommodate up to 60 guests at a time. There are 12 rooms adjacent to the medical center and 4 rooms located within the medical center.

Conference rooms

The conference rooms are located within the welcome center and allow for Camp Cole to have two additional meeting spaces for speakers, round table discussions, or additional small group activity spaces.

Gifts of $10,000 or more will be added to our Donor Wall