Kelsey Sawyer Carter named November “Best Among Us”

“Kelsey Sawyer Carter is the co-founder and executive director of
Camp Cole, a state-of-the-art facility coming to the Midlands that
will allow children and adults facing serious illnesses and mental and
physical challenges to enjoy one of childhood’s greatest pleasures –
camp. Camp Cole was inspired by Kelsey’s younger brother, Cole,
who lost his battle to Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, at
the young age of 11. “

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Making new memories of Summer Camp at Camp Cole – by lacing up your shoes

The memories made at summer camp tend to stay with us for a lifetime.  Friendships that last years, memories of adventures in the woods, with animals, and even swimming for days.  For many children, young adults, and even adults who suffer from cancer and other major health issues, those memories may never be made – until now – or until 2121.

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Elgin Lights operator announces Christmas in July event to benefit Camp Cole

For 21 years, Elgin Lights has brought people together to celebrate family.

For the last 15 years, it’s been in honor of an 11-year-old boy who left his family far too soon. This year, they’ll honor the same boy in a new way. This year will be the first for Christmas in July.

The whole goal? To raise money for that boy to have a camp of his own.

“What we really try to have here is families can come with their children and their grandchildren and they can reminisce over the past and the present,” said Paul Towns as he gave the grand tour of his property.

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USC’s Fraternities and Sororities Raised over $570K for Charity last semester, report says

“Fraternities and sororities at the University of South Carolina reported raising $571,572 for charity last semester, a new report shows.

USC’s 13 sororities, which have nearly twice as many people as the fraternities, did most of the heavy lifting. The sororities raised 79 percent of the money for charity and completed 84 percent of the Greek life community’s 51,887 community service hours, according to the report.”

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A Run with a Purpose

“On October 7, more than 120 runners descended on the future home of Camp Cole for a 5K trail run with a dual purpose— to raise money for the construction of Phase 1 of the camp and to increase awareness about the facility and its mission to help medically fragile adults and children throughout the Midlands.

“So far, we’ve had a community-led awareness campaign, but with the trail run, it gives everyone a chance to see the potential this camp could be for the city, Richland County, and the state,” said Camp Cole executive director Kelsey Sawyer.”


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1st Annual Camp Cole 5k Trail Run and Walk


Be the Reason Other can Shine by joining Camp Cole at the 1st Annual 5K Trail Run and Walk. 

All proceeds go to building Columbia’s first overnight camp and retreat center for children and adults with disabilities, illnesses, and other life challenges as well as other purpose driven groups!

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